Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mission Statement

First and foremost I plan to use this space to share ideas and thoughts that have inspired or challenged me. I hope they will have a similar effect on you.

I intend for Sparks from the Fire to be unique in several ways. First of all, I plan to keep it short. I find that I skim longer pieces on the web, and I think many people do the same. Also, by writing a short piece I intend to present an idea refined to its basic components.

Much of the writings of Judaism focus on its legalistic components. Here we will focus on deepening our three basic relationships: with G-d, with the greater world, and with ourselves.

Lastly, I will include personal experiences, thoughts, and stories. Ideas take on deeper significance when seen through the lens of life.

I hope this will be a forum for grappling with ideas, not just accepting them. Only through your feedback on the blog can we reach deeper understanding.


  1. kol ha-kavod!
    I'm sure I will enjoy reading your blog. Please take a peek at mine from time to time: leslieschachter.wordpress.com
    ps. how did your master's thesis go? Have you published it?

  2. Good idea Yonatan! It is a great way for you to contribute to modern Torah discourse. Thanks.

  3. Yonatan, I am so happy for you that you started this blog and what great timing. It shows you are succeeding to combine your wonderful writing skills with your love of Torah. I love that you're keeping it short and to the point. At my age, I can't digest more than two ideas in one paragraph. I need to pratice, practice, practice. Yashar koach! Your writing colleague from Bar-Ilan, Judy